Elly’s 2013: A Year in Review

It's almost a tradition now - I've done one of those for every year I've been away. It's quite fun to look back and remember all the things - the trips you did, the people you've met and loved and changed. The adventures. This year was a fairly big one, for me. I got a bit emotional designing it all out. I also put one in all the Christmas Cards I got this year. It felt a bit narcissistic, but ah well. As you do!


January. Berlin

February. All those nights at The Hop.

March. Climbed Kilimanjaro

April. Visited Valencia

June. Said goodbye to my old job and hey to the new job.

July. Forgot about all jobs, and went to Croatia.

August. Shilton Weekend.

September. Flew a helicopter.

December. Lots of long muddy walks, around Sommerset + Chipping Champden

Past Years: 2012, 2011.