Happy New Year!

I didn't stray too far from London this year - a small crew drove up to a litty village in Gloucestershire - Chipping Campden. Quite pretty, a long high street with yellow stone buildings all stacked up on each other. The best bit was the long, muddy walks through the countryside. We GeoCached, and saw a tower, and had pub lunches and made cheese scones, but mostly we went for long meandering walks through fields and woods and mud. New Years was spent drinking Champagne with pomegranate seeds (much better than the passionfruit we had last year), and playing cards. We had Indian at the only place that wasn't booked up for the night, and everyone else went down to the pub for a few games of pool.

Me? I was in a weird place. I was a bit sick and introversion had kicked it up a notch. I both really wanted to be around people, but really didn't want to be around people. Hawkward.

It ended up being fine - just before midnight everyone came back to the house to watch the fireworks, and we all rang in the New Year at the cottage.

Delightful. Happy New Year!