Somerset in December

I'm in Somerset for the festive season, and oh, the best thing about being here is being outside. Bundling up for all the walks, with the country lanes and wide open fields. Love it! There are two wriggly wire haired dachshunds who love walking, so that's nice too. And just the comfort of the place, sitting by big roaring fires and watching romantic comedies and crocheting with Pam. Trying feijoa tea in the garden room (Robert was the only one who enjoyed that) and walking down the garden to feed the chickens.

Being here is comfortable, and fairly pleasant. It's not Christmas as I know it, but it's nice with it's differentiators. Here it's okay to be homesick and sad, and quiet and to disappear off for a few hours when you want to. Or reappear and gossip some if you want that too. There's only us three pottering about in this big old house, and I prefer it that way.

Carols at Wells Cathedral

Pretty pleasant way to spend the days when everything is cold and miserable.