Christmas Cards

I've been away from home three years this December. I already recognise that I'm not great with long distance connection - I know this about myself and I'm at peace with it. There are friends I had in New Zealand - good friends - who I haven't spoken to since I left. Some friends are okay with that, they don't need regular contact and are content with an email every now and then. Some friends I can feel their disdain radiating through facebook and have decided to just let the radio silence go on. It's takes too much energy and fuss to worry about those folks. We'll either pick off where we left off when I see them next, or (more likely) I won't see them at all.

Anyway, my point is that connection is hard when you're so far away. My long distance silence doesn't necessarily mean I don't care, though.

This year I thought that it would be a nice touch to send out Christmas cards. It seems like an appropriate thing for the season - to say hey, I haven't forgotten you and I still think about you time to time.

I designed something simple, got 50 printed and I've since sent out 48 of them, world over. Some hand delivered, some rather quaintly by mail. 48 handwritten notes wish folks a festive season of warmth and bubbles.

While it's not the same as proper phone call, or a hangouts session - I recognise that I'm not as close as I once was to many people (oh distance!) I still want them know that I think of them, and care.

Seems in the festive spirit too. Do many of you send out Christmas Cards?