Catching Up - The Work Christmas Party Season

I fell off the blogging wagon for a bit, which is fine. I always feel that I should blog when I want to, and no worries either way. In saying that, I'm fully aware that this blog is how I document all of the things that perhaps I won't remember later down the way and I wanted to note some things down... A things that happened - all the Christmas Parties!

Works Christmas Party this year... well, it was all kinds of insane. And messy. I'm quite glad there aren't that any photos of that evening.

Zee's Christmas Party went much better.

It was at the glorious Natural History Museum. And it was black tie. Which meant a pretty dress, six inch high booties and false eyelashes. It looked all felt incredibly glamorous (except for the fake eyelashes, which while they looked fantastic, kept poking me in the eye. Half way through the night I ripped them off).

We went ice skating before hand, which was adorable. Watching the boys in their suits around the ice skating rink was brilliant. All us girls mostly had long coats over our dresses, so it was less obvious that we were dressed up. Still, it's been a while since I've skated, but it's a bit like riding a bike. Push of, skate around, stop by finding the edge of a wall. Well novel to be skating outside, and not in a giant freezer.

The Christmas Party itself? Was in the Hall of Stars, and was all lit up with pink and blue lights. It was very oh la la! There was dancing, and an open bar (though everyone was much better at restraining themselves) and overall, just general delightfulness. It was a long night, and I was exhausted by the end of it.

It was a bit bizarre. I used to work for this company, and while there are many familiar faces, my crew - the people I befriended and was closest to - were missing. We've all since left or been made redundant. I felt their absence. It felt like I was in a crowd of friends who didn't know me. Instead of real conversation with substance, I was constantly engaging in meaningless small talk. It was all kinds of odd, because I loved working there. But all that I loved wasn't in attendance. It was a little heartbreaking to realise that that time is well and truly done.

Still, the party was brilliant.