A Pie Picnic

While the amazing Phe was back, and summer was still the season of the moment and we could wear sleeveless shirts and bare legs, we did a pie picnic. Where a few of us who like to bake things, or have a history with pies, make a whole bunch and we all tube out to the nearest park with blankets, and sit and eat all the food. A picnic. With pies. So I made little Spinach + Feta pies, in muffin tins. I also made chicken pies, which I'm working on (they could be better).

The other pies were well tasty. The meat ones were all out insane (there was one with four or five different kinds of pork in it...). Huw even put his name on his (which made me laugh, cause usually that's my trick).

Still, it was a particularly epic way to enjoy an afternoon.

For those who are interested...

Spinach + Feta Muffin Tin Pies

For 12 pies... * Half a block of feta, crumbled * Half a jar of sundried tomatoes, cut into bite size pieces * A handful or two of fresh spinach * 2 rolls of Premade puff pastry * A dozen eggs (maybe a few more, depends on how big your pies are), whisked together.

Anything else you have on hand. I had * Leftover cooked broccoli, cut into bite size pieces * Leftover roasted potato, cut into bite size pieces * Cherry vine tomatoes, which I roasted

Directions * Preheat the oven to 180C * Grease your muffin tins/pie trays with your greaser of choice (I use butter) * Line your muffin tins with pastry, keeping some in reserve for the tops * Once lined, fill with the fillings. Some feta there, broccoli in this one, more spinach in that one. You get the idea. Basically, fill the pie, leaving gaps for the egg. * Once your pies are filled, pour the egg over the topping, stopping when its not quite full. * Cover your pies with the leftover pastry. * Put them in the oven for about 35-40 minutes, when you poke a knife into the pie, it should come out clean (not covered in raw egg). * Wait for them to cool, and then pop them out.

Or, if you're like me, and want to reuse the pans, burn your fingers popping them out, and leave them on a wire tray to cool.

Nom! Tasty hot or cold.