Butterflies at the Natural History Museum.

The great thing about museums in London is that they are free. There are big donation boxes (which I usually throw a tenner into) but for the most part, gloriously free. Recently (well, it was recent when I wrote this. In reality it was about two months ago, back when it was still summer) the Natural History Museum had an exhibition on butterflies. A live exhibition. Sadly, exhibitions aren't free, but at a whopping £4.50 I was fine to pay the fare to go in and see them. It was a little, humid tent that you could wonder around in that held many, many butterflies.

It was gorgeous, you could feel them fluttering about, moving the air as they flew by. There were caterpillars hidden under leaves, munching away and if you looked close, lots of tiny tiny tiny little eggs. As Zee has a thing with bugs, we spent a good long while making our way through. There were many photos, and much observing and admiring. Hunting the underside of leaves for little eggs, watching caterpillars munch bite size holes into leaves. It was all very novel.

There were many small children doing their screeching and running throughout the exhibition (as children do, so I was more amused than annoyed), but if I was to go again I think I'd aim for later in the day. It was quite well set up for the youngsters, though some really didn't enjoy it (there was this poor Dad who had a child who was positively fearful of a butterfly touching her, a valid fear when 50 of them are flying around you. I tried not to watch the inevitable melt down, and really felt for her Dad who had to handle that).

Anyway, bar the melt downs of small children, it was a pretty pleasant way to pass the time.

Alas, this exhibition closed in September. Clearly goes to show how long this post has been sitting in the drafts folder.