A Second Birthday

I'd forgotten my October birthday, it was yesterday. Typically I'd celebrate it in a fancy bar, with a large gathering with all my favourite people, folks I adore and don't get to see very often. A room full of all my favourite people typically only happens on my birthday, which in part is why I make a point to celebrate it. This year? This year I've been all stressed out doing all the things, juggling all the projects and life and I forgot. Worse, I'd already made plans for what I originally thought was just an ordinary Thursday.

When I realised that I'd forgotten and hadn't organised anything, no cake or party, not even dinner or drinks, I felt like such a failure, like I was dropping the ball and hadn't been able to get my act together with all the things.


So, instead I hijacked previous plans, and at the last minute had a quiet celebration with three of my favourite London people.

I may not have worn a fancy party dress, but there were phenomenal cocktails from an underground gem of a bar out in Hoxton. Smooth gin based something a rathers with twists of lemon, tall other things that taste like sunshine. The boys had many Old Fashions, and talked the finer points of Rye vs Bourbon, and where to source limited runs in London with the very knowledgable, very pretty and all round amazing lady who waited our corner.

They played Frank (Sinatra, as opposed to Turner), just loud enough to be heard, quiet enough to still have a conversation. The lighting was low, the bar boys wore suspenders and everything was cosy and delightful. It was a brilliant brilliant place, and I was well happy to sit and bask in the company I had, smile and laugh and sip all the tasty cocktails.

Even better, we flipped a coin and wandered down to Meat Mission (Red Dog Saloon being passed by), where beer came in a massive glass mason jug, the kind usually used for brewing craft beers, the walls covered in art (by the phenomenal I Love Dust) and the food came out all shared on a single tray. And oh, it was delicious. Burgers with crispy chicken goodness, and cheesy fries and too hot wings. We devoured all the foods.

We shared a peanut butter sundae afterwards, four scoops of goodness, four spoons. The boys hijacked an electric candle for the top and sang me happy birthday.

I don't have any photos (the few I took where on Zee's phone, and where blurry and a bit terrible), but take my word for it, it was a brilliant birthday.