Rained Out - The Rollerblading Attempt

On one of the rare weekends when we were all free, the girls contingent of the Kiwi Cross Crew rented rollerblades from a grumpy old man out in Kensington. There were six of us, and let's be honest, our rollerblading knowledge was pretty thin on the ground. The last time I had wheels on my shoes I must have been 10 years old and I thought I was balla. Today, as I glided across the carpet in the shop I felt remarkably less balla. It was clear that it was going to be a laugh, so off we went to Hyde Park, precariously skating down roads we probably should have walked down. It was exactly like you would have expected: we looked like idiots, we felt like idiots and gloriously, we gave over the feeling that comes with not caring about how you look because you already know you look ridiculous.

I thought that if I could get my confidence up, I was pretty sure I could fly. However, turns out that all the paths in Hyde Park are gravel and not great for flying. Also not great for falling, which the fear of was getting in the way of the confidence building, and thus flying. It was a bit awkward.

However, we were saved by the rain and got rained out. We had had a severe talking to by the grumpy store man about not skating in the rain, because it'd ruin the bearings (they'd seize. THEY'D SEIZE, apparently) and then we'd have to give up our £150 bond payment. So it rained, because we live in England and it rains. We dutifully took off our skates and trekked back to the store and went to the pub instead. Because this is England there is always a pub for wine and nice ciders and girl talk.

Maybe we'll try it again. We'll see. Have any of you rollerbladed before?