Sail Croatia – A Return Navigator Cruise. Day 5

One of the best things about being in London is how often you can say 'lets go somewhere' and then you do. So Zee and I went to Croatia for a week. We sailed up and down the coast on a boat filled with Australians for a week. A fairly phenomenal week. I was so upset to get back! Here is how it went down... Previous Days Day 1 - Split + Hvar Day 2 - Trstenik Day 3 - Dubrovnik Day 4 - Miljet

Day 5 - Korcula

There was an origin game on today, so half the boat full of Australians left before I was even awake. There might have been a total of six of us left on board, which meant for a fairly quiet boat. It was great for just hanging out and enjoying the sun. We'd originally planned to go sea kayaking, but alas, the open sea was well too rough, and apparently it wasn't safe.

So instead we sunbathed and hung out. Zee did a fair amount of jumping off the front deck. There was swimming of the back of the boat, and it was all very chill. Right up until we realised we could hire a jetski. A JETSKI! So we hired one, and out we went. It was ridiculous amounts of fun, blattin around. I love being out on the ocean, and much prefer a jetski to a boat, it turns out.

Once we were safely back on shore, we enquired about windsurfing lessons. Alas, the same wind that cancelled the sea kayaking was not in favour of windsurfing. So instead we went stand up paddle boarding. Zee had never been before, so it was pretty fun to do something new with him. I've only been a handful of times, but it's a pretty zen way to get about. And bonus, being out on the water without a motor, so loved that. The only crap thing was the wind meant that paddling around standing up was much harder than on yours knees, so that's what we did. Still, it was such a great day, one of my favourites on the trip.

We caught a water taxi back to the boat (water taxis are AWESOME, btw) and spent a few more hours back on boat sunbathing, and reading books. Zee somehow managed to lose one his jandals overboard thanks to the wind. It was fairly insane.