Sail Croatia – A Return Navigator Cruise. Day 4.

One of the best things about being in London is how often you can say 'lets go somewhere' and then you do. So Zee and I went to Croatia for a week. We sailed up and down the coast on a boat filled with Australians for a week. A fairly phenomenal week. I was so upset to get back! Here is how it went down... Previous Days Day 1 - Split + Hvar Day 2 - Trstenik Day 3 - Dubrovnik

Day 4 - Mljet

I was starting to get into the routine of being woken at some ridiculous hour as the boat leaves port, padding out to the front deck to nap in the sun and the breeze. It's much nicer to nap on a moving boat outside than it is in a little room.

We arrived at Mljet relatively early in the day, and bought ourselves some snorkling gear and a lilo before wandering up the main road to the National Park. You wouldn't believe the colour of the lakes, it was insane. Gorgeously blue water, a super bright turquoise. It was so clear, too! We spent a lot of time sunning ourselves on the rocks and swimming around. Zee did a bit of snorkelling (which was hilarious. There was much splashing to be had) and I did a bit of sunbathing on the lilo (which was delightful).

We spent most of the day just laxing, watching the sun move across the sky. Wandering back tired and happy in time for the Captains Dinner.

Oh man, the Captains Dinner. The Captains Dinner is a feast hosted by the Captain. It was such a great time. The meal started off with some free poured rakia into open mouths. I should explain. Rakia (in this case, homemade by the captain Rakia) is a dirnk that's predomeniently made in Croatia, Slovenia, Russia, Romania and a whole bunch of countries around that way. It's usually made from plums or grapes and it is HIGHLY alcoholic. It's also pretty foul tasting (like, terribly made moonshine). But it just so happened that the passing around of rakia was a cultural thing on our boat, you accepted it tasted terrible and you drank it when it was offered.

In the case of the Captains Dinner, it was poured directly from the bottle into your mouth until you held up your hand. And even then sometimes you just kept drinking it until they stopped pouring.

Zee and I also lucked out by scoring a table just for us (usually a table is split between six), which was novel. It also meant that we got six persons worth of food, which usually would have been unthinkable, except that for the starter, they bought out massive bowl full of mussels. If I can eat anything for days, it's mussels. However, Zee wasn't going to let me eat all of them, so between us we downed it. Nom nom nom. It was the best meal I'd had on board. I can't remember what came out after, but I'm pretty sure I didn't eat it. Instead there was more red wine, and just a general feel good, contended vibe.