Sail Croatia – A Return Navigator Cruise. Day 3.

One of the best things about being in London is how often you can say 'lets go somewhere' and then you do. So Zee and I went to Croatia for a week. We sailed up and down the coast on a boat filled with Australians for a week. A fairly phenomenal week. I was so upset to get back! Here is how it went down... Previous Days Day 1 - Split + Hvar Day 2 - Trstenik

Day 3 - Dubrovnik

Another day on ship. We missed breakfast (again), but got up in time for some sun bathing on the front deck with books and snacks. The swim spot was half way between Trstenik + Dubrovnik which was perfect. More turquoise green waters. There was a lot of lilos out for floating and we watched all the boys do flips off the top deck. Loved it.

Dubrovnik has to be one of my favourite cities. We caught a bus from the port into Old Town and oh wow. Old Town is basically a medieval walled city that was built sometime around the 7th Century. Fun time fact: Kings Landing in Game of Thrones was filmed there from Season Two. You can see why, the whole city is a UNESCO Heritage Site, and it's basically a city of stone. It's bizarre to see the old school architecture stuffed full with tourist stores, but overall it was amazing. The main streets are filled with stores trying to sell you things, but past that it's an amazing little warren of restaurants and beyond that, residential areas.

After some wandering we hit up one of the Buža Bars on the southern side, outside the city walls. It literally clings to the cliff, making use of the multi levelled rock faces. You can climb down to sea level for a swim too, which was amazing. I came back to many phenomenal cocktails - frozen margaritas and strawberry daiquiris. Well tasty.

Once the sun was on it's way down we hit up an Oyster Bar so Zee could try his first oyster (I thought it was well tasty. Zee was much less impressed). We wandered after that. Through the cobblestone streets. There are a ridiculous number of stairs, and many little streets set out in a grid. We picked a gorgeous little restuarant that was at the end of the line, and between us ordered the Fish Platter. Well, the fish platter ended up being SO MASSIVE that the waitress pulled the empty table next to us over to set it down on. No kidding, there was a couple a few tables over that laughed at us.

Still, we got stuck in and ate of all of the things, which was tasty. We also fed all the stray kittens tiny bits of fish, which was also pretty delightful. After eating all the things, we did some wandering, and some geocaching. The geocaching felt like such a fluke, because there was so much stair climbing and we weren't really sure what we were looking for. We stopped for a rest, which happened to be beside this aspidistra and I saw some plastic in the stalks. The good kiwi in me thought it was rubbish, so went to go pull it out, and low and behold, it was the cache we couldn't find. Go figure. I was glad we found it. Not finding caches is the worst!

By this point we'd spent the whole day wandering around Old Town, so ventured back outside the city walls to find a bus, and ended up stopping for a drink just outside the walls because there was this phenomenal smooth jazz band playing. Such a great night!