Sail Croatia – A Return Navigator Cruise. Day 2.

One of the best things about being in London is how often you can say 'lets go somewhere' and then you do. So Zee and I went to Croatia for a week. We sailed up and down the coast on a boat filled with Australians for a bit. A fairly phenomenal week. I was so upset to get back! Here is how it went down... Previous Days Day 1 - Split + Hvar

Day 2 - Trstenik

Oh dear. All of the drinking yesterday meant all of the hangovers the next morning. Which is less pleasant when you're woken at 6am when the boat departs the port with all the rocking and moving. Oh man! It was horrific, the mix of sea sickness and hungover-ness was horrible. Not a fan. I mostly just tried to sleep through it as I clung to the bed, which was mostly a fail.

Things got much much better once we were off ship. Trstenik is ridiculously pretty - a little itty bitty harbour with turquoise coloured waters. We ventured off ship to find ourselves a spot on the beach and let me tell you, nothing cures a hangover faster than a swim. The water was unbelievably clear, and you could see for metres and metres - well amazing.

There was a wine tasting at a tiny tiny local winery with a deliciously sweet white, and a passable red. Needless to say we bought two bottles of the white and called it good. They also did this amazing olive oil over herbs that was amazing for dipping bread into. Nom. After helping ourselves to another glass, we took a a walk about the back of the hill to see the vines and oh my, the view was phenomenal. Everything you'd expect from a gorgeous little a Croatian Island. Definitely helped by the wine.

Afterwards Zee and I wandered off on our own. We'd heard about a ladder off the rocks around the far side that you could swim from. It was gorgeous. I love swimming, and this was a great spot for it. Back on the boat there was dinner (tasty but well salty) and there was some milling around while we waited to see if there would be a mass exodus to the beach party. There was dancing and drinking (each boat had a massive sound system and ours even had stobe lighting. Woah buddy!

We didn't make it to the beach party, but by the time we decided we weren't going to go, we'd were a good few drinks in anyway! All in all, a pretty solid day.

Day 3, coming up next.