Sail Croatia – A Return Navigator Cruise. Day 1.

One of the best things about being in London is how often you can say 'lets go somewhere' and then you do. So Zee and I went to Croatia for a week. We sailed up and down the coast on a boat filled with Australians for a bit. A fairly phenomenal week. I was so upset to get back! Here is how it went down... Day 1 - Split + Hvar

What a day. We started off at some ridiculous hour (oh hey 4am, it's been a while) and caught a flight out of Gatwick to Split. I hate the actual travel part of travelling. Flights are never fun, and you're always so exhausted. However, when we landed at Split things were much better. It was warm! There was blue skies! We weren't in England! High five!

We caught a bus down to the port, and amongst all the boats in port, all lined up like sardines in an orderly little can, we found our boat. It was big, sure. But by far it was not even close to the largest in the harbour. All the boats had flags, and bunting and a mix of people arriving and leaving, in various states of excitement and exhaustion.

We dumped our bags, and went to go take a look at the town centre, which, at the heart of it is, is centred around the ancient Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian. For serious! It means that everything is all old worn smooth stones, and narrow little alley ways and big city walls and towers. It feels a bit bizarre because you had this super old school architecture and then there'd be a super modern nike store or whatever in one of the alcoves. It was all interesting walls, and green shutters and archers and turrets and stone buildings.

Still, it was brilliant to wander around. There was a massive market which was delightful - I bought a straw hat, and generally spent some time recovering from the flight. On our return to the boat we got shown to our room - a plain little double room (with aircon, high five!) and little bathroom, complete with a working shower and a flushing toilet. After the manual pumping action of Greece this was well appreciated.

The afternoon was spent hanging out on the boat while we moved from Split to Havar (with a bonus swim stop inbetween), and once in Hvar we had dinner with the people on board (so many Australians! We were the only two non-Australians on board) which was novel. The food was a bit random - shark in a bag, and a platter of mussels (nom!) with a side of chilled (whaaat?) red carafe and then oh! There was the drinking. All of the drinking.

Split's Bell Tower

Our boat in the marina.

Parked up at swim spot for some afternoon swimming.

Drinking on the front deck in the dark. Because we're classy like that.

Day two, coming up next.