Another Sommerset Visit

Oh Sommerset. We headed down south for a visit, and I have to say, this time of year is a glorious time to go - it's warm, and there are blue skies and everything is geared around outside. Eating happens outside, with BBQ's and pancake breakfasts. There were long walks, and amateur Shakespeare shows in abandoned abbey ruins, and there was a lot of just sitting in the sun on the grass. We spent a lot of time eating from the garden. Picking beans, and digging up potatoes. The strawberries I planted 2 years ago are flourishing, and taking over the corner of the vege patch. It also means that right now, they are teeming with strawberries. Which also meant that I was picking a bowlful everyday for eating. With breakfast. With lunch, and dessert, and (the best bit) for putting in glasses of bubbles.

Eating something you've grown yourself is highly (highly) satisfying. Love it!