GeoCaching – A Wimbledon Common Adventure

Since I was introduced to GeoCaching back in Cambridge I've since found it a little bit addictive. It's SO EASY and well satisfying - especially when the app shows you all the found caches with little smiley faces. Have you guys heard of it? Basically it's a treasure hunt. A glorious, world wide treasure hunt. You download the app, see what GeoCaches are near you, and off you go and find it. Some are easier to find than others. And what you find? Usually a container with a log book and goodies. The idea is that you can leave or take goodies as you please. You hide the little container back where you found it, log it in the app and off you go onto the next one.

Anyone can hide one, and oh man, they are EVERYWHERE. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and I bet you've passed millions in your life and not even realised.

As we happened to be near Wimbledon Common (basically a massive park in South London) we took an afternoon to go explore the wilderness and find all the caches. It was a pretty brilliant afternoon, actually.

Love it. Do any of you GeoCache?