Growing all the things!

I said previously that I didn't have a green thumb. And I don't, I don't think. However, I asked for indoor plants for Christmas, and what I got was this little self-starter kit with dirt and seeds. Dirt and seeds! Well, as we were coming into spring, and my apartment is fairly well insulated and warm, I thought it would a novel idea to try grow them. So sure enough, I followed the instructions, poured some dirt into some waterproof cardboard trays and dumped the seeds in. Then there was waiting. I didn't expect much, but then OMG - it shouldn't have surprised me, but my little plants started growing! The romaine lettuce popped out first, quickly followed by the basil and tomatoes. I had a little garden!

Since then it's been a bit ridiculous, but I'm excited to see how much they've grown overnight. I've been carefully checking them, and rotating the baskets, and watering them diligently (but not overwatering, because that's how I killed the last plant I tried to grow).

The instructions then said when they get to 3 inches, pull out all but the biggest one, because it needs space to mature.

Uhm, no.

I'd just spent a few weeks delighting in them, grow little seeds grow! I wasn't ready to cull them. So I went down the road and bought a bunch of gardening things. Bigger pots, and plant food and dirt. Lots of dirt. I wanted to transplant them, and they would live and grow and be healthy! So I did. And they grew. And then they grew some more. And then they were taking over my kitchen window sill, so I replanted some and moved them into the lounge window sill. And they grew and they grew, and then I replanted some more moved them into my bedroom window sill. These plants were taking over my window sills.

And then they grew some more. Things got a bit unruly.

And then a terrible thing happened, and my basil died and I'm not quite sure why, exactly. Except that there was no recovery. Sad face. Since it's clear my flatmates probably won't let me use the window sills in their room, I've taken some down to Zee's, who has a patio (not sure why I didn't think about that before). I replanted my little tomato's in their own big-plant pots and now I'm growing a tomato jungle.

Isn't it ridiculous? I'm not quite sure what I'm doing, but I'm delighted that (basil aside - rip basil) some of the little things I grew from seedlings are still growing. They weren't growing, and then they WERE growing, and continue to grow! High five growin all the things!

Apparently though, growing things on window sills is not the way, but I've done it. It's clearly not as amazing as a garden, but I don't have a garden. I have window sills. Do any of you grow things on your window sills?