The Glorious Glorious Warmth

There was a few weeks earlier, an unbelievably most welcome snap in the weather, where London was WARM! Gloriously warm, as in too hot for layers and jeans and sleeping with covers on. It was amazing! There were blue skies, and suddenly you appreciated things like ice in drinks, and fans and not having to be on the tube. Mojitos seemed seasonally appropriate, and you wanted, desperately so, to be outside enjoying it. London changed, and suddenly this city was more gorgeous than I'd ever seen it. Conveniently I live to the north of river, and Hampstead Heath on a Sunday sounded DELIGHTFUL. So off we went. At first it seemed like everyone else north of Hyde Park had a similar idea, and the entrances were packed with all sorts. Eventually, after some wandering we managed to find our own little private patch away from the crowds. With a few bottles of Ginger Joes and some mini chicken pies, and our books it was a pretty brilliant way to pass the afternoon

Soon it'll be wet, and grey and then, in an eyeblink there will be snow. Best to enjoy the heat before it disappears, I think. And in a city where there isn't an ocean nearby, or a swimable river, a shady park is definitely much appreciated.