Making Lemonade

The home made stuff, not the metaphorical version. It all started because Zee saw a can of L&P I instagramed. For those of you that don't know, L&P is a kiwi soda, that's World Famous in NZ. And it is, everyone in NZ knows it and loads love it (even more so when they're not in NZ anymore). L&P stands for Lemon and Paeroa - Paeroa being a place. I think it's where they get the spring water from, which is amazing. Except that it's not really lemonade, the can says in 'Lemonish', which is more true than lemonade.

So yes. That's where it started. Soon after we were getting caster sugar and lemons and looking up recipes on the internet. It's surprisingly easy to make lemonade.

1: Make simple syrup (basically sugar and water in syrup from) + cool. 2: Juice lemons 3: Mix the two and add water

The last one is a bit of trial and error - the first taste test it was both super sweet AND super sour that I sucked my cheeks in and tried not to spit it out. We got there in the end though! Hurrah! Made a surprising amount too (just over 2.5 litres!)

I have an awful lot of lemons and limes in my fridge... I suspect there will be much more homemade lemonade making in my future...