Valencia – Mercado Central

I love markets. Food ones are ones that I like best. With rows upon rows of fresh in-season, organic fruits of all shapes and sizes and variations. Perfectly ripe mangos, and sweet sweet plums, and strawberries that are exactly like how you remember them, and not watery, just gorgeousness in a mouthful. On our first day in Valencia (after we got horrifically lost) our host was kind enough to point us around the corner to Mercado Central - The Central Market. Oh man! With rows upon rows of fresh fruit and vegetables, bread baked still warm, olives and cheeses and little prosciutto legs all lined up that reminded me of ballerinas. Meaty, elegant ballerinas with hooves. There were skinned rabbits with no ears, and chicken feet, and snails!

We bought more food than we could eat that day (no snails or rabbits or anything, just tasty goodness), and it was brilliant. Our place had a hot tub, so we had a feast every night with gorgeous red wine in the jacuzzi. We'd stop by on our way to the beach so we could picnic out there. I dropped a punnet of strawberries in the sand, and when I took them down to the water to wash them off - turns out strawberries float and a wave took half a handful. They were very pretty as they floated down the coast, little red dots in the waves. All wistful and off on a new adventure.

Zee laughed at me, and then he dropped half a mango in the sand. Karma is sweet my friends. So very sweet.

It was such an elegant market too. Big vaulted ceilings. Mosaic tiles in delicate yellow and blue patterns all the way round. Loved it. Loved it loved it loved it.