A Zee

I guess I should introduce Zee. I've not introduced him thus far, and I've left him out of all the adventures and things, but I feel like that if I'm going to document what I'm doing it would be a terrible misrepresentation not to mention him. So, yes, there is a Zee, and he is lovely. Ridiculous sometimes, and occasionally the things he does mortifies me, but most of things he does delights instead. He's managed to slide himself into my life, fitting himself around ridiculous schedules, and finding time for moments, and adventures and sleepy mornings. He's all kinds of adorable, too. Secretly he's also a bit of a romantic, which for anyone who knows me knows that, well, his incredibly sweet gestures make me both mildly uncomfortable and tentatively happy.

It feels a bit off 'announcing' Zee here, because I didn't really 'announce' anything in the real world. He kind of faded into my life and then there he was. And now he comes to all the things, and has met all the people. It's all new and familiar and brilliant and I'm quite glad he's here.

So yes. There's a Zee.