Pub Monopoly

Oh hai! So I'm actually climbing Kilimanjaro right now. A really really massive mountain in Tanzania. Because apparently I'm one of those people who impulsively says yes to adventure and now, well, I have to live up to that reckless split second decision. Woah buddy. If you want to donate to the cause, we're raising funds for African Street kids. See you on the flip side with stories and photos and all that goodness! Arohanui! e x


One of the best things about pubs over here are that often they'll be stocked with board games which is such a delightful way to spend an afternoon. Recently Michal + I, after a rather decadent lunch at The Dartmouth Castle pulled one of the Monopoly games off the shelf and oh, we passed the afternoon in a rather pleasant fashion. I should probably also mention that The Dartmouth as a rather lovely Pinot Noir from NZ.

It was pretty novel actually, playing with an original english version, where all the place names are now recognisable as actual places and the currency is pounds and not dollars. I'd forgotten how long this game could be, and even though I got throughly trolloped (and I do so enjoy winning) it was a fun game. A back and forth between mortgaging properties, and frantically paying them off when I passed go, adding or selling houses. Whopping as I collected rent, frowning at the stupid income tax that takes that much need £200 just as you round go. Taking Chances (whoop! Get out of jail free!) or Community Chest cards (Woo, second prize in a beauty contest for £10)!

I hate losing, but I'm pretty sure I was gracious enough this time not to let it get in the way for enjoying it (I'm pretty sure the gorgeous glasses of Pinot Noir helped here). I'm glad we played, it was a lovely way to pass the afternoon actually. Either way, I'm going to win next time, I'm sure of it.