A Birthday!

Oh hai! So I'm actually climbing Kilimanjaro right now. A really really massive mountain in Tanzania. Because apparently I'm one of those people who impulsively says yes to adventure and now, well, I have to live up to that reckless split second decision. Woah buddy. If you want to donate to the cause, we're raising funds for African Street kids. justgiving.com/ellyrarg. See you on the flip side with stories and photos and all that goodness! Arohanui! e x


I celebrated my March birthday recently. In a quiet, not really celebrated at all kind of way. My March birthday is more about reflection now.

Usually, It's the one I'd celebrate with family, with a dinner that has too much wine, and maybe some silly singing and dancing to old Frankie in the kitchen afterwards. Well, my family are on the other side of the world, and now my birthday is celebrated with boxes bearing NZ customs forms that arrive a week or two before the day. An early morning skype session where I unwrap all the things and that's about it. The March Birthday is quiet. Not many people know about it and I like it that way. The March Birthday is not really about fusses or celebration.

Right now it's about how far away I am. About the choices I've made to live over here, about the people I've picked to be my family, about the things I want to achieve in my life (adventuring, mostly) and why I do the things I want to do. About the person I want to be vs the person I am. But mostly how very far away I am from what was my life, from my family, and my home.

Still, not everyone is as good at not celebrating as I am. Duke got me a cake, and it was lit multiple times so I could blow it out again and again. On the day we visited one of those places with a sushi belt and ate till we couldn't eat anymore. We wandered around in the cold to find a banana smoothie and tried to find peanut butter gelato.

There were txts and calls and fb messages. There's a brown paper bag with white and blue tissue paper that came with a gorgeous bottle of red, a paper flower and the prettiest birthday chucks I've ever received. There's a pile of stuff from home. Handmade gorgeous things. A stack of things like Tim Tams and Scorched Almonds. There also a card with a funny little rhyme in it that made me laugh, and tickets! To see a show I've been wanting to see for ages. I'm excited!

It was unexpected. For all my grumpy pants I'm not celebrating moods, it was nice to find that people still wanted to celebrate. So yes. Another March birthday done!