Climbing a Mountain

As you read this, I'm in Africa (AFRICA!!!) off climbing Kilimanjaro. I'll be three days in, three of the five day ascent. I probably smell bad, and am probably sore. I'm probably well over all the up climbing and miss the comforts of a modern society that aren't half way up a really big mountain. Like flushing plumbing, and showers. And really big beds and not having to worry about malaria infected mosquitos. This mountain is the one I'm halfway up:

It looks lovely. With all the blue skies and all the pretty snow, but woah buddy. It's going to take me five days to get up there to the top. I kind of can't believe I'm doing it.

As I write this, well, I'm four days out. Four days until I head off to Heathrow and board a plan south to Nairobi. I've done as much training as I can do. Everything I've read has told me to taper off, and really what I did there was stop training a week and a half out, and try fit as much social fun into my life as I could. This has turned out to be a bit rubbish because now I'm sick, I'm run down and tired and my head feels like it's filled with cotton wool. So much for resting.

I've taken the last of the vaccinations, I have all the medication, I have all the stuff. But I'm anxious. Excited, but really really nervous. It's a really really really massive mountain you guys. I haven't done any long walks like this since school. And it was always a two/three day jaunt. Not straight up a massive mountain. The tallest in Africa. I impulsively said yes to an adventure, because that is what I do, and now I wonder if I bit off a bit more than I can chew. It's a giant fucking mountain.

Still, I'm in it, now. I've trained as much as I can, there's not much more I can do except wait for it to happen, and get on with it.

Actually, that's a bit of a fib. What I can do is buy more stuff. I have all my main gear. Boots, poles, thermal clothes. Headlamps and wet wipes and just all this stuff. I have yet to pack, but overall I think it will fine. I'll take one bag and call it good. But really, I already know I fight anxiety with money, so I keep buying more stuff. Mosquito repellant. A NZ flag to wear as a cape when I hike to the summit. Ankle strapping, just in case. Random things I'm not even sure I'll even need or use. More preparation, it doesn't really make me feel less awkward about the whole thing, but it's what I'm doing. We'll see.

Although, thats a bit stupid because I have too much stuff, and it won't all fit in my bag. It's sprawled out across my bed. Oh packing. Gah asldkjasld aslkj.

Still, logistics and packing aside, I'm excited! I'm going to AFRICA! I'm going to do a thing that not everyone does, and possibly be the highest I've ever been in my life. Possibly the highest I'll ever be, maybe. And I'll have climbed there. On foot. Isn't that kind of mind boggling? I'm excited to see how the people live, the different cultures and foods and tastes and sights and ALL OF THE THINGS. I want to meet the people (and I will, we're hitting up the street kids home that we're raising funds for) and oh, I'm excited. Africa. Can you imagine?

In the meantime I'm still raising funds, I'm at 84% of my goal to raise £1k for african street kids. Click the link to read more about it, or if you'd like to donate:

To everyone else whose already donated, thanks hey. Thanks for supporting my adventure.

I'm going to climb a mountain!!

PS - Totally climbed a mountain. Read about it here