Just so you know, Cholera tastes DISGUSTING

I got a prescription for the Cholera vaccination, because my doctor suggested that I do, and when I'm going to a place where your doctor suggests you take something, you take it. Now here's the thing, the Cholera vaccination is not a handy shot that you get put into your arm and then you're good for years and years. No. Not it is not. It's a thing you have to drink. It comes in two parts, a packet of dubious looking 'effervescent granules' and a little vial with one of those syringe stopper things on the top. So from the get go it looks all pharmaceutical and a bit sketch. Which would be fine if you were doing it in your own home, but no, I was at work.

So I took it, huddled out in the kitchen hoping that no one would come in and see me taking diseases. Turns out I have terrible luck, and one of the sales guys spotted me, saw the face I pulled after downing it and wanted to chat about it. Nice. It wasn't so bad, actually. Turns out he'd already taken Cholera and had the same reaction as me. It tastes pretty foul. It's fizzy and they've sweetened it to disguise the the taste and just ugh *shudders* - it wasn't the nicest thing I've ever had to drink.

It's a two dose thing, so I put the second vial back in the box and stored it in the fridge because else the diseases might die before I can drink them next week. I'm not sure if it's appropriate to store it in the communal work fridge, but meh. It was labelled appropriately.

So yes, once I've taken the final dose that counts as all done with all the vaccinations! Woo!