The Cows Next Door

Oh god, the calves. While I was in Sommerset, Bryan next door had some of the calves up in the yard and oh. Oh oh oh I loved them. They were probably destined for a feedlot or butcher or something somewhere, which breaks my heart a little, they were so gorgeous. And big, with their big eyes and bigger noses and super long eyelashes. Their massive shoulders and tawny coats. I scared them, I think. I was a stranger and they didn't know what to expect of me. They were curious, some more than others. Some pushing forward, some taking a step back as I stood by the fence. It was a bizarre experience to have so many eyes focused on me, for them to be so visibly aware of me. It was a bit intense actually. I wish that I had more time to spend with them, so I could be bit less strange and more just that girl that visits the cows.

One of them, the white one was a very brave little fellow. He came right up to the gate to sniff me, and when I held out my hand he stuck his tongue out and licked me. I wonder if I was tasty, and I regretted not having something to share with him. What can you feed cows? Apples maybe? Ah well. Next time, next time I will fill my pockets with as many cow treats as I can carry.