I'm all packed! And I'm waiting for the next half hour to pass and I can skip out of work and get in the car and be on my way to SOMMERSET! I'm excited about this. Ridiculously so, I haven't been down there since Christmas and it means that I get a fix of whānau, family that I've anchored myself to while I'm over here bein so far from home. Which is important, I think. To feel anchored somewhere, to feel like your part of something, like you have people who haven't just chosen you.

It's going to be amazing. A weekend of wine, and standing too close to the fire. Of the dogs, and ball throwing and running with Duffy. Of all the food, the ridiculous Wearne House food that Pam makes. Mouthwatering eat-more-than-you-should food. It'll be about silly poems and learning random facts with Robert and pancakes in the morning. It'll be pottering around the garden and Sunday lunch at the halfway.

It'll be feeding the chickens and staining the coop and sleeping in gorgeously large and unbelievably comfortable beds. It'll be making milo, and stealing bits of cake from the fridge. It'll be gossiping in the kitchen with Pam, and browsing books to borrow and hanging out in the barn.

And hopefully skittles.

I'm looking forward to it. Tell you more when I'm back!