Dan Deacon (on Valentines)

Dan Deacon did a Valentines show at the Village Underground, and oh, it was quite fun. It's been a while since I'd been out to a ridiculous gig, and oh, this was all kind of ridiculous. Dan Deacon... he's all about performance art. Think large scale audience participation and interaction, with some indie electronic sounds thrown in. Nod to the drum heavy beat - he had TWO drummers up there with him, and oh, they were glorious! The interaction was fun. Lots of dancing. Some individual dance offs (singles vs couples, pulling from the crowd people from each genre until what do you know, we're all up and dancing). There was a mass hands to head + rotate around in a circle, which must have looked amazing from the stage. There was out the door and AROUND THE BUILDING under the bridged arms of people who had come before you (that was pretty fun, actually. It went on and on and on, and was super fun. We were also lucky to have Dan dip in ahead of us on his way back to the stage!).

The other fun thing was the iphone app. I downloaded it (thanks to all the posters that said I should download it) and when directed to, hit the big 'I'm at a show!' button. Woah buddy. If you can imagine how back in the 80s and early 90s people would hold up all their lighters, that's kind of what this looked like. Little beacons of phone screens across the crowd. Except that then Dan Deacon did something, and all the phones CHANGED COLOUR! Colour me excited, and everyone else too at such a fun little thing. Sine waves into a light show from the CROWD, so ridiculously fun.

So yes, good company, fun sounds, and a good show? I'll call that good. Dan Deacon - if he's doing a show where you are (I think he's on a Europe tour right now) then you should totes check him out. He was AMAZING.