Surprises - no thank you.

Anyone that knows me well knows that I hate surprises. Surprises intended specifically for you, I mean. Surprise mystery gifts seem to be most popular. I hate them. I am a girl that does not like a big fuss made (unless that big fuss is 20 of my nearest and dearest drinking cocktails and dancing on bars with me. That's a fuss I can get down with). But generally, I hate surprises. Loathe them. I loathe the not knowing and unexpected at my expense. In fact, I've already posted about how I hate on surprises. It's a quirk that I have, and I'm embracing it. Surprises and me, no, we are not friends.

So when I came in this morning and there was a white box on my desk? I did the typical Elly 'omgIHATEsurprisepresents' response, which was to be ungracious, and ungrateful and all out stroppy. At first I ignored it. I moved it off my desk and didn't look at it. And then when I couldn't ignore it anymore I started asking questions to the guy who came in earlier than me. He fed me a bunch of terrible information, so I disregarded him as a source. I also loudly announced my displeasure at having this unexpected white box on my desk. Many times. Over and over and over, almost making a game out of how many different ways I could say 'so not happy about this'.

After much hand flapping and angst and probably too much WHY IS THERE A WHITE BOX ON MY DESK, I looked inside the box for a card. There was no card, but there were four ridiculously pretty cupcakes.

Which means this person knows that I adore cupcakes, but doesn't know that I hate surprises. This mystery person who doesn't leave cards (who doesn't leave a card?!). Cue more loud displeasure and general unhappiness.

Eventually I worked out who it was from, and I wish I'd been a bit more gracious, and a bit more quiet because they'd apparently watched me be all stroppy and ridiculous. Sigh.

In the end, instead of punching them out in the face (which was my initial impulse) I reeled in all of the angst and unhappiness and said thank you. And left it at that.

How are you guys with surprises? And I mean surprises especially intended for you (not the unexpected life is throwing you a curve ball kind). How do you deal with those kind of surprises?