I’m training for Kili…

... which is in six weeks. SIX WEEKS. In six weeks I have to be fit enough to walk up a giant fuck off mountain. A mountain that is 5985 METRES high. I'm apprehensive. My fear right now is the driving force of my motivation. I'm terrified I'm not going to be fit enough to get up that mountain. I'm terrified that I'm going to get AMS and will be too ill to summit. I'm terrified that of the 18 of us that are going, that I'll be the one that will be holding the team up.

I'm doing all the things to get my body in shape. And it's eating up all my free time, which I seriously struggle with. Monday - Thursday are out straight off the bat. Add in rowing on a Saturday and well, all of the fun time adventures are practically not existant while I prepare for this monster of a mountain.

Worse? Worse is that in the last two days I've injured myself. I rolled my left ankle on Monday, and on Tuesday I pulled the ligament that runs down the back of my right knee. I'm walking wounded - I tried to pick up my game and oh, I crippled myself (I'm not even kidding. I'm limping mclimperson right now).

So yeah, I'm taking a few days to try and recover but here's what I'd be doing if I wasn't totes injured right now ...

Walking to Work

They say that walking is helpful, that the more you walk the easier walking gets. It's 9k between my house and work, and I'm trying to walk it three consecutive mornings a week. It takes me about an hour and a half, which is nice. Seeing the sun come up, tunes in my ear. Once I'm up and out the door it's a lovely way to start the day. Getting out the door is a bit of a problem, though. This was the first thing to be put on pause when I rolled my ankle.

High Altitude Training

Twice a week I'm hang out in a hypoxic chamber that has less oxygen in it to do some walking. It's pretty fancy, actually. Lovely new machines and music and big screens so you can see how you're doing. The room has an oxygen level of 15%, which simulates an altitude of around 2700m. That's about half way up Kili.

It's okay. The room doesn't feel like it's got less oxygen in it, except that when I start exercising I tire quicker than I feel I should. Obviously, considering my muscles and heart have to work harder than they would usually. They have this cool report at the end so you can see how much work your heart has done, and for how long. Fancy as.

I'm hoping that if I acclimatise to 2700 feet this way when I get up there on Kili it won't be such a big deal. Fingers crossed. Either way, I'm probably going to take diamox. Because it would be a bitch to get up there and not be able to summit.


I joined a 6 week rowing course. Twice a week I go down to the river and have someone put my through my paces. And woah buddy, this has kept me going more than anything else has. Lucky for me, it's not just the rowing (which I really enjoy, by the way) but the fitness they do beforehand. 3k runs at a brisk pace (I seriously struggle to keep up) with circuits and lunges and squats in between. Weight training. More ab circuits. It's an epic core workout, perfect for strengthening all the muscles that will be supporting my body as I drag it up a mountain.

Stairwalking. Running. Netball

I walk the stairs at work. It's a 12 storey building, and well, it's the only real 'hill' that is convenient in London. London is flat, so stairs it is. Me and a guy at work do it, once work is done. It's a nice way to decompress, and having someone make sure you're not slacking is a good way to keep you going. I worked out that to climb the equivalent of kili I'd need to climb all the stairs 133 times. Woah buddy.

I run too. It's meant to be twice a week, but it depends on what I'm working on as to whether I actually get out the door. Also, I hate running. Haaate it. Pushing myself to make it out to the rowing club and back is hard, and it's not even that long of a run (5/6k, maybe). It's just that running? *pulls face*. I do it, because it's good cardio and it's free, but seriously, if I wasn't climbing kili, I'm not sure I'd be running.

Netball. Oh Netball. I love netball, it's a fun little run around that I adore. Some fun time catch up with the girls, a run around the court. I don't think this really counts towards actual training, but it's exercise and get's my heart rate up, so that's good.

Here's what I'm not doing, that I should be. Long walks. Hours and hours and hours long walks. Because I'm rubbish, and it requires effort and planning, and I'm a busy girl that mostly wants to hang out at home and watch movies in bed with a jar of peanut butter and a spoon. Because my muscles hurt from all the other stuff I'm doing. We'll see. Maybe I'll get there and make it happen.

In the meantime I'm still raising funds, I'm at 60% of my goal to raise £1k for african street kids. Click the link to read more about it, or if you'd like to donate.


To everyone else whose already donated, thanks hey.