Climbing Kilimanjaro!

I adventure, I say yes to spontaneous trips and visit places I probably shouldn't (like say, Tehrir Square right after a revolution) and I do all the fun things. So, I implusively said yes to climbing Kilimanjaro and now I have to go climb a mountain. In March. Apparently it's massive, something ridiculous like 5895m high. Just for comparison sake, Mount Eden (in New Zealand) is a 196m climb. In London, the 193 steps at the Covent Garden Tube station is approximately a 22 metre climb. Just sayin. It's a big climb. Part of the reason for the climb (besides it's an adventure!) is that I'm raising money for African Street Kids - a charity called Amani's Children Home ( They do all sorts of ace stuff, like feed the hungry rascals, plaster their knees and give them a safe place to hang out + play soccer, so they don't have to resort to all the grim stuff that happens on the street. Mint, right? Definitely a worthy cause. I'll be visiting right after the climb and will get to hang out with said street kids.

It would be super awesome if you could (if you were so inclined) support my impulsiveness by donating to the cause. We (the team) trying to raise £5k, and I have a personal goal of $1k. I'm hoping that with your help we'll smash both targets. So, while I hate asking, if you're able and inclined to support this insane climb, please donate! Any amount will be much appreciated.

Donate, and if we're facebook friends I'll post something ridiculous and fun to your wall*. Probably personalised, depending on how busy I am. C'mon, you know you want ridiculous stuff posted to your wall. If kickstarter has taught us nothing it's that if someone gives you money for a cause, you need to give them something fun and unnecessary back.

Also, any advice from peope who climb mountains, or random 'kia kaha!' or 'Sweet as, bro!' messages of encouragement would totes be appreciated. Because I'm climbing a rather large mountain, yo.


Full Disclaimer: I'm funding my trip, any donations go straight to the african street kids. Promise!