Happy Holidays!

Oh Christmas. Christmas this year was all about the ups and downs. The small blonde 8 year old who doesn't like banoffee pie or mash potatoes. The pile of glittery presents that could have spent Christmas in Exeter. Epic amounts of eating, and the woodsmoke fires and naps and two small little wire haired dachshunds, one that growled and the other that licked your face. It was about Pitch Perfect and the Breakfast club, and creepy little dolls and running outside in the cold. It was about mulling over all the boys, and then all the girls. About reciting ridiculous poetry (Colonel Fazackerley Butterworth-Toast....). It was about epic breakfasts and milo in the mornings, losing my phone and hanging out in the barn. And the homesickness. It was about homesickness too. I've never experienced homesickness like this before, and it was unnerving, and unwelcome. It made me stroppy, and there were tears over things like the way jumpers smell and what the weather was like, and that all my people were on the other side of the world were its warm (though apparently still raining).

So then I drank all the gin + the champagne and ate more of the banoffee pie (or the cheesecake. Or the chocolates. Or the christmas cake, or leftover turkey or the mash or or or...) and I got through it. I was surrounded by happy people, we did all the eating and the drinking, and all the merry things. We visited the beach and braved the English weather (that was despicable, by the way, which actually made it a great day out), and mostly I feel like I got through it. I got through it.

I also faced the rail system (which was ridiculous, thanks to all the flooding that's happening around the SW at the moment)... and I'm flying out to Berlin. Berlin! Delightful Berlin with all the new things that I haven't yet seen. I'm going to go wander around Museum Island, and see the Brandenburg Gate and the wall, and the Cathedral. Maybe pay my respects at Neue Wache and just, do all the things. I'll be surrounded by friends, and we'll do all the things and I'll ring in the New Year in in one of the largest, most amazing cities in Europe.

It's not a beach with a bonfire at the height of summer back home, but I'm sure it'll be brilliant just the same.

Happy Holidays, you guys. I hope that whatever you're doin to celebrate the season is filled with much love, happy people and fun times x