Frank (+ The Pogues Christmas Show)

This guy Frank? He's my London Guy. I met him when I was new to London, and oh, that guy, he totes made me fall head over heels. Swoon. So when G said he had two spare tickets to The Pogues christmas show, I was all meh. And then he said that Frank was opening, and I was all I'm in!

We went, got pretty close to the front and got a happy healthy dose of Frank. His set was nowhere near long enough, but fair call when they were only opening. There were dozens of Frank fans, not as many as a usual Frank gig. Still, I had a great time. Sang out all the words at the top of my lungs, danced my little behind off, avoided all the death circle Pogue fans. Good gig!

The Pogues were good, I what was awake for. I managed to snag one of the stadium seats with Phe and then crashed out like the exhausted thing I was. I'm not gonna lie, best nap ever. The lead guy was pretty hilarious, and their set was pretty upbeat and Irish (go figure). It was fun! Good nap music. The crowd was massive, and they must've done like two or three encores with one or two songs that I recognised.

Apparently the December Pogues show is a Christmas tradition, so I'm glad I went, even if I didn't appreciate it like I should have (but oh, it was such a good nap!). Woo!

What fun times are you guys doin this Christmas Season?