Earning Adventures (aka First World Problems)

Every time I do something interesting (like Windsurfing in Egypt, or Trapeze Lessons, or Sailing around Greece) someone, without a doubt, will tell me that I'm so lucky, or that they are jealous of my life, or some variation thereof. Usually I just say thanks, and am thankful that I'm in a position where I can afford all the adventures I'm having, and live a life where I can make the most of the opportunities that come my way. But sometimes it bugs me - sure the fun adventures are brilliant. But what people don't think about is how I work a job in an office 9-5 every week to pay for all the fun stuff. I save, and budget like a budgeting thing. And I daydream and plan in all those fairly ordinary months before I'm able to venture off to new warm places, preferably with an adventure thrown in there somewhere. I proritise like a proritising thing. I can either buy a new pair of pretty shoes or I can put that money towards going somewhere I haven't been yet. I go out to dinner a few times a month, and generally try to be pretty frugal with my money (sometimes unsuccessfully), knowing that if I wait patiently, I'll soon have enough to spend a week in a tropical country on a beach with a cocktail.

I also know that I'm in that point in my life where now is a great time for spending money on fun adventures. I don't have a house with a mortgage or loads of debt. I don't have children who are dependant on me to provide for them. I can afford to be a bit selfish, and go where I want to, when I want to (money + leave constraints aside). I'm pretty sure that I won't always be in this position, so I'm trying to make the most of it.

I'm also pretty lucky in that travelling and adventures are part of the London culture, particularly for me as an expat. The point of me being over here is to experience the world outside of New Zealand. To see as much as I can of this part of the world before I feel like I want to move on, or return home. And, lucky for me, I'm not the only one with that attitude. So many of my friends have a similar travel bug - there are loads of us with itchy feet who are always planning their next trip. Travelling is easier when you have a bunch of like minded friends to cheer you on, or accompany you on your latest mad idea.

I think mostly that the implication that my life might be easier, or better than someone elses simply because I've done this amazing xyz adventure is what really bugs me. I work to have the adventures I have. I have 25 days in the year that I'm allowed to take leave in, and I carefully allocate them out so I can maximise my time outside of London. I plan, and I save, and I wait. None of these adventures are given to me, hey. I earn them. And while I appreciate that they are amazing, and not everyone can live the life I do, sometimes the implication that it's all sunshine and fun times grates.

Am I the only one who feels this way?