Gettin in the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is a month out, it's miles away. And I used to be that kind of person, the kind of person that bemoans the fact that Christmas displays were up in late October, and why are all the streets decorated? It's not even December yet, and what the fuck? Christmas used to be this unnecessarily commercial holiday that marred the many weeks beforehand. And then I moved to London, and now Christmas is a bit more shit than I'd like.

Over here? It's not warm. I want Christmas to be blazing, so I can wear skirts and short sleeves and pretty dresses with jandals. I want BBQ's outside in the garden where we all wear sunglasses cause the sun so very bright. I want to drink champagne as I sunbathe, because it's warm. I want a proper New Zealand Christmas, that includes being outside, walking through parks or visiting a beach in the afternoon so we can swim, or lying in the grass.

Instead it's cold. Sometimes there is snow. You huddle as close to the fire as you can without actually getting in it. You layer up, and wear all of the clothes. Oh it's so cold.

The worst bit is that my family, my lovely dysfunctional family is on the other side of the world. I'm not waking up Christmas morning to open stockings with my sister anymore, with our bed hair in our pjs. I'm not sitting in the garden with Dad stealing all the scorched almonds, or drinking bubbles with my Mum.

My family are a million miles away, and oh oh oh I miss them. I miss them I miss them I miss them.

Instead, I buy presents months in advance, to wrap and put in a box to send well before the postage deadline. The weeks leading up to Christmas I'll get boxes delivered, my gifts in return. I'll open them in front of skype later so they can see me open my gifts, and I can watch them open theirs. But it's not the same. It's well not the same.

Last year we had an orphans Christmas (my first Christmas out here by myself), but I was too sad to really get into it. So this year? Fuck it - this year I'm all up in the Christmas Spirit. I'm going to pwn this Christmas, like it's the best Christmas you'll ever find in England.

I hit up the opening day of Hyde Parks winter wonderland, and enjoyed many a glass of piping hot mulled wine. I oohhd and ahhd over all the cute Christmas Stalls, there was ride riding, and I wore cute leg warmers. I've made plans to go down to Sommerset for Christmas, which I'm well looking forward to. Me + Morf are hittin up SantaCon later this month, and last week?

Last week me and Duke put up the Christmas Tree.

We went to homebase and picked up a fake one. We had to - I wanted a real one originally. But then I saw the kind of trees that England does, and well, no. I had to do a quick attitude adjustment (in that the trees we get in New Zealand, the lovely bushy pine trees are just not going to be available here) and well, the fake one was better than the real ones. We picked out a few decorations, and spent a glorious afternoon listening to Christmas Carols and putting up the tree.

All kinds of delightful. So yes, It's not even December yet, and our Christmas tree is up. Suck it. I'm getting in the Christmas spirit early this year.