A Birthday?

This year I celebrated my birthday in November. Usually I'd celebrate in October, but I was in Texas. And then people were over from NZ, and there was a host of halloween madness... so early November. That's when I celebrated my birthday. I feel like I should mention it here, for prosperity. It was a mad night. With Duke + Morf we started early, just us three. Down to the Hospital Club for a twinkle (or rather, a twinkle they upgraded to a super nova. It's not even on their menu anymore...), and then to meet my nearest and dearest at Byron for some pre-night prep dinner. It was fun! There was wine from Marlborough and fun conversation. It was novel to have so many people finally meet others they'd only half heard about it.

And then, woah buddy. I'd booked table at the London Cocktail Club. It's my local, or rather used to be, when I worked back in Central. It's a fun little bar. I know the bartenders by name, they recognise me and know what I like and are lovely. And oh. Oh oh oh. It was a ridiculous night. Ridiculous.

So. Much. Drinking.

So many cocktails. Jager shots from oysters. Someone bought a barrel at one point. And then someone else bought another. There was dancing on the bar. There was talking to all of the people, so many people came down to say hey and I loved them for it. People from work, the old work (they even bought the weasel hat down for me!) and the new work. There was the kiwi cross crew, and people from school, and uni, and family, and even a lady from twitter and just, fuck. All the people I've ever loved in London were there, and it was delightful. There was much dancing, so much dancing. On bars, on tables, between people trying to have conversations, pretty much dancing everywhere.

I only vaguely remember the latter part of night, to be honest. There were people tucked into corners, and I know one of my friends got on the bad side of the Sarah, the bar manager. People were making, uhm, connections (*cough*) in the shadows and dark corners. But delightfully, this year, very little drama. It was my birthday, and it was done in style, debaucherous ever so slightly alcoholic style. And in a pretty dress. Loved it.

Thanks to you all that came out and danced and drank and laughed with me. I had such a brilliant time, and it would have been much less brilliant had you all not been there.

PS - I only have a handful of photos, if that. Mostly because I left my phone on the shelf which could only be reached if you danced on the bar. And I'd forgotten I'd left it there. So, not that many photos. Meh!