A Tube Moment

I love London. It has this rhythm about it. And just when you're struggling, it'll throw a pick-me-up your way. A few weeks ago, I got onto the tube. There's this unspoken rule about the tube: you don't make eye contact. Which is a bit bizarre cause all anyone does on the tube is stare at all the other passengers. So, there was I was, on the tube, staring at all the people. I was nervous, thinking about my destination (a date I wasn't super sure about) and the unknown that was to happen when I got there. And there was this guy sat opposite me. Cute (half the reason I'd picked the seat I had) and relaxed. Hands in pockets, legs sprawled out in front of him. Comfortable.

We accidentally made eye contact twice before I realised that it probably wasn't an accident, that he was staring. I know I blushed. I felt my cheeks get very very warm and I tried to stifle a grin. Probably very unsuccessfully.

We started not staring after that. I'd try figure out how close I look at his face without making eye contact. It was pretty novel, this back and forth. I started at his shoes, and moved up, slowly taking in every detail, knowin full well he was watching me take him in. He cottoned on pretty quick, and soon was doing the same. We'd try catch each other out. There were six stops before my change, so we played this game back and forth, with a wry grin when we did make eye contact. It was pretty intense, and fairly innocent, considering we were in such a packed out tube carriage.

I got off at Green Park, and walked the tunnels to Piccadilly. Sure enough, he was clearly going the same way. It was awkward, but I laughed. Of course he was going the same way! He let me lead, but was careful to only walk half a step behind me so he could still steal glances. We turned a corner, hit a crowd and then he was in front of me. I walked in his footsteps, trying to see how close I could get. Turns out quite close, until he purposely misstepped so I'd bump into him.

Just as we turned into the platform, he moved over and paused, so I could walk along side him. He turned to me, told me I was gorgeous and then disappeared into the crowd. Just like a wisp of smoke.

You should have seen my grin. There is nothing a girl likes more than being told she's gorgeous. And the simple sweetness of it, with no strings, no need to follow up was perfect.

Moments like this is why I love London.