Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange?

Oh Halloween! We never did Halloween in New Zealand. It's a very Americanish holiday, and we never did it when I was little. But this year? This year I work for a very American company, and come the 31st, costumes were mandatory. And, bless them, everyone (bar two) came dressed up. We had a brilliant party to celebrate the end of quarter. There was much drinking to be had, and dancing and ridiculous. A fine way to get to know some of the colleagues I hadn't yet met.

Also, it was a bit random - not everyone could guess what I was at first glance. It was very confusing, and I was probably trying to be a bit to clever. I dressed up in a fox suit, and I had a globe..... yeah, exactly right? Second hint - I'm an internet browser. Aw yeah, bet you got it now :)

My flatmate and I also carved up pumpkins this year. Fun times all round! How did you guys celebrate? Do anything outlandish? Dress up as something scary?