A while back, through the works Ride-2-Work scheme, I got myself a bike. A turquoise bike. A folding Brompton (because I live in a little apartment with no room for a bike with big wheels), and it is GORGEOUS! It has a little basket at the front for all my things, folds down all sweet like, and it's amazing. I'm loving being a cyclist, suddenly commuting to work has been a breeze. It's actually lovely, much much better than that tube. My riding route takes me through Regents Park, and by the zoo. I see giraffes + elk most mornings. It's become such a routine that yesterday I caught myself raising my arm and calling out 'Good Morning!' to the giraffes as I passed by.

In saying that, though, (that it's lovely, not about the giraffes) I haven't yet ridden in the rain, or the cold. We'll see how it goes. So far it's been pretty lovely. The annoyances are few: sometimes going over bumps if I'm still peddling, there's not enough clearance between the pedal and the bump, so I hit it. Also, the smaller wheels mean that I'm working harder than people with big wheels, and I get passed by more often, and have trouble keeping up. Sometimes I have to ride up hills *shrug*

I haven't bought a lock, and that was pretty intentional. That way my gorgeous little bike with it's super high re-sell value will either be in my apartment (behind two locked doors) or at work (a locked door, and a dragon door lady). Though, that has proven to be a problem when I want to go elsewhere after work, or am going somewhere I'd want to leave my bike. Still, turns out Bromptons are horrifically expensive (I was lucky to score £300 quid off with this scheme, but still. Spensive) and I'd rather I was over cautious than someone cut the lock and I didn't have a bike anymore. Just in case I have insurance, but yeah. Still. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

I definitely think that riding through London has made me love it more - I'm getting better at putting all the different suburbs together in my head. There have been lunch time rides to Green Park, and just in general, I feel like I'm enjoying things more. The parks, the weather, London-Town.

I'm a London Cyclist. Woo!