Bartending Flair

As the weather has been pretty amazing lately, a friend + I have used our lunch breaks to ride down to Green Park and eat in the sun rather than the office. Today it turned out to be an especially good choice, because his juggler friend Adriano was there. Well, he's not a juggler, really, he practices flair bartending, which is even cooler. It's the art of entertainment with bar tools (like bottles and cocktail shakers), and basically a fancy way to make a drink.

Turns out it's well impressive, and more difficult than I thought. The boys let me loose with some bottles and a 'simple' trick - you flip the bottle and have it land on top of your hand. The boys made it look easy, but I have what I'm sure is soon to be bruises on my knuckles now. They also tried to teach me a trick where you catch the bottle behind your back. Turns out I'm not co-ordinated enough for that one.

Adriano, though? He's awesome. He's practicing ridiculous hours every day to up his skills and get good enough to land a job as a performer (rather than just a bartender).

It's pretty amazing to watch, and was a pretty pleasant way to spend a lunch hour.