Quit My Job!

A while back, I quit my job. Don't worry, I have another, but it definitely feels like the end of an era. I'd been with the company just over a year and a half, and in that time so much was done! It was my first London job. I was the 12th man on the team (the very first designer), and now I'm leaving a team of 37 behind. We've grown out of our offices. We went from a super run down 'make it work, going to be refurbished in 2 years' place with mice, to a much larger office with shiny floors, and a pool table and well stocked bar. We've signed international customers, designed and developed a whole new game, improved our current game, changed the pricing structure, and the payment system. Done so much!

But what I'll miss most is the people. The people who stayed on Friday nights and played 'shots for shots' with me. Highlights include dancing on the pool table (breaking the rules, definitely), exploring the ceilings, getting a shout out, by name on Internet radio. Playing Cars, and ridiculous amounts of dancing. Thanks to everyone who let me revive Burrito Thursdays, who took on Thursday Thinker with enthusiasm. Who didn't worry too much when I ran the pool competition. Who let me rename the Player Account Management System to 'Betty' because I didn't like 'PAM'.

To my old manager, who got us bean bags and ridiculous (and quite expensive) hats. For guys that let me run with them, even though I couldn't keep up, and to the people who would go swimming with me, convincing me to go. The guys who convinced me to go climbing, and that riding into work would not be a bad thing to do. To the people who graciously accepted my apology when I got all stressed out and got snarky, or cried, or whatever it was, with whatever drama was going on at the time.

To the guys who sat next to me and shared cool things and generally made my work day better. To the folks that organised all the fun stuff, like white water rafting, and the touch team, or gig visits. The guy who would lunch with me in the park, and introduced me to his juggling friend and tried to teach me flair. To the lady who helped me make the London Cocktail Club our local, and taught me to play the sax. The people who helped me fill the elevator because I wanted to know if 10 people really was the limit.

Turns out yeah, 10 people really is the limit.

There is so much more that I need to be thankful for, so many people more that I want to thank (if you worked with me then hopefully you saw the massive email I sent out, I'm sure I've thanked you).

There is much I will miss.

Still, I definitely feel like it's time to move on. My new job is in a different part of the city, sounds like it will be an interesting challenge, and a place to grow. I feel good about it.

So, yes. Good bye to the old, hello to the new.