The Hot Tub Cinema

I love the randomness of London. There's always something going on, if you can think of it, it's probably available. So a while back a bunch of us went to the Hot Tub Cinema. It's exactly like it sounds. You go out to a rooftop in East London, you sit in Hot Tubs, and you watch a movie. It was ridiculous amounts of fun!

We were pretty lucky with the weather, it was gorgeous. Seriously, it's not often you see stars in London. Add that to Londons lit up skyline and you've got a winner! It was great, we managed to squish eight people into a tiny little hot tub (it was one of those temporary blow up ones) but it was awesome just the same. We were sitting all over each other, but with a few bottles of champagne and some ciders, no one really worried about it. It was all kinds of heavenly.

After the movie, when people were well more merry and less insecure about how they looked, things got more fun. There was dancing, and tub hopping and ridiculousness. At one point everyone piled into one tub (seriously, there was something like 30 people piled into a tub made for 6!) which was all kinds of madness. There was a conga line (which was awesome) and happy birthdays with cakes and songs and dancing, and enjoying the tubs, really.

We were gutted when we got kicked out at 12. It was one of those nights that could have easily gone on until 4am, with everyone still happy and well. Sigh!

Still, it was a smashing experience. If you're in London, Hot Tub Cinema - do it!