It’s hip to be hip! (Or a butt. Awkward.)

I think I broke myself at Snowbombing back in April. I'm not sure, really, because Snowbombing was full on non-stop madness for a week. Everyday there was snowboarding, and dancing, and drinking! My body was pretty much thrashed with all the fun times I was having, and I didn't think twice about any knocks or bails that I might have taken. It was all part and parcel of such an epic week. And then I came back from Snowbombing, and I continued all my usual pursuits. I was running, and climbing, and riding to work and playing vicious but satisfying games of netball. I was doing all the things!! Then came this weird problem with my hip. It hurt. Not while I was running, or climbing or whatever, but after. It wasn't muscular pain, it was in the joint agony, where I couldn't sit, or bend (unhelpful for someone like me that is continuously dropping things on the ground, or having to tie up shoes) and walking was horrid and running and climbing and riding was completely out of the question.

It got bad enough that sitting at work mid afternoon? I couldn't do it. I'd hover awkwardly at my desk because I didn't want to sit. So, I stopped running. Sad face. No climbing. Occasionally if I think I can get away with it I might ride a boris bike. When I was angsting once, I played a rousing game of netball. Oh man, the agony after was probably not worth it. I went away to Norfolk with some friends. There were some casual beach walks. I did the first one, but I was in so much pain after that I declined all the rest and napped in the car like a Nana. I'm not a huge fan of not being able to do things. Also not a huge fan of being in pain.

So I a few weeks ago I went to the doctor, who sent me off to get some x-rays. I managed to freak out six radiology students because I didn't tell them I had a surface piercing over my hip when I got the xray done. And that was all well and good. She said that perhaps I might have torn the cartilage/nerves that hold my joint into the socket (called a Labral Tear). She said perhaps I might have had hip bursitis, which is an inflammation of the fluid sac that sits on my hip, and helps the tendon ease over the bone.

And then she looked at the xrays, frowned a bit, and said that the xrays were clear. And she wasn't sure.


So I went off and saw a Physio. And this Irish physio (complete with red hair, freckles and the most irish accent you've ever heard) had me do all sorts of things. Touch my toes, raise my legs in the air, bend this way and that way.

Turns out that this weird hip pain and actually from my lower back muscles being over used. And why are my lower back muscles being over used? This is slightly embarrassing, it is. They are over used because my behind isn't working. Apparently my gluteal muscles don't kick in to do the work they should do, and my hamstrings + lower back are compensating.

My hip hurts because my butt isn't pulling its weight.

That's awkward.

So now, three times a day I have to do these awkward behind-inducing muscles to increase the 'strength'. Seriously, it's been an entire week of butt puns. I'm still in epic amounts of pain, but pulling through it. I've been given clench exercises to do, which is novel, and a bit awkward. I've also started swimming, which is pretty delightful (especially when London has a rare day of blue skies - my gym has a (heated!) outdoor pool).

So yes. I've broken my butt. Feel free to commence the butt jokes, I'm pretty sure I've heard them all at this point. :)