The Illuminati Party

Every year Bunny, the 6ft ginger ninja + their Australian friend put on an out of control, insane party. This year, they had an Illuminati Party (disclaimer: as in illumination, not that pyramid with the eye). A night where you turn off the lights, and the people sparkle. It was pretty fun, and pretty outrageous. There was UV paint, and lights, and glow sticks, UV cups, and balloons and lasers. There was beer pong, and a bbq. And it wouldn't be an Australian ninja bunny party without a luge from which to drink skittle shots. It was bright. I ended up being covered in in uv paint. Thanks to my cousins amazing engineering skills, I had a battery pack burnt into my lower back to power my multicoloured l.e.d. belt that changed colour. By remote. I had uv shoelaces, and at one point, had stolen someones light up fake glasses. And that was just me. There were many of us all lit up.

It was messy. I made the mistake of not eating before hand. And then losing neon pimms pong. And then doing skittle shots. I danced on tables, and apparently had a great time. I'm not entirely sure. I woke up the next morning with scrapes and cuts and bruises, still covered in uv paint. I know that I made friends, I know that I got all up in the party, and danced, and drank and generally had a brilliant time. The photos prove it.

Just another one of those fun times that make London a little more interesting. Seriously fun times. Have any of you ever had an illumanti party?