Surprising Surprises!

I probably shouldn't have angsted so much, really. But like I said, I hate surprises. Not knowing makes me anxious and angsty. Especially if said surprises are in my honour. *shrug* It's silly, I know. If it wasn't a surprise that I knew about in advance, I'm sure I would have handled it much more gracefully. I feared being put in an embarrassing situation, which was unlikely, really, but this is why I organise things. To make sure that the embarrassing doesn't happen. In the end it was lovely, it was awesome to have (most of) the snowbombing crew come together again - awesome to see everyone! They'd treated me to an afternoon in my favourite cocktail bar to - get this - an afternoon behind the bar making cocktails. It was insane, but stupid amounts of fun. I had a great time!

I made a Zombie! And they let me light it on fire! I made one of those apple slice garnish things which look oh so fancy (and also mean that I have to touch each slice of apple... I probably won't eat any of those again, unless I make it myself!). It was pretty delightful, actually.

It was marred a little, because I was a little bit precious. A friend I thought might be coming when I was angsting (and looking for reassurance) said he hadn't heard about it and wasn't going. What a liar. He was of course there and knew all about it. That rubs me up the wrong way, it does. I'm not a huge fan of bald-faced lies. You can keep a secret without having to lie (my cousin managed to), and it irks me that he knew how anxious I was and let me be anxious. He thought the opposite (that lying was okay for keeping surprises, and if you have good intentions etc etc), and so for a little bit I think we were quite put out with each other.

But other than that, I got ever so slightly inebriated on lovely cocktails made at Londons best, devoured amazing japanese from the place next door, and generally had a great time. Shout out to the LAB staff who were lovely and pretty patient with our drunk selves. Definitely recommend it if you're looking for a fun time.

Note: Lab is amazing, and is based in Soho. Website is here. I'm not sure exactly how much it cost, because I wasn't allowed to pay anything (my friends are the greatest). I'm guessing easily £50+ per person, but that includes dinner, your own private bartender, and you get to make about 5-6 cocktails behind the bar (we had two people making each cocktail at a time, so had more than enough to share around). It was great! There's no mention on the website, but give them a call and I'm sure they'll be able to sort it for you.