Snowbombing 2012

A while ago, I went to Snowbombing. A festival, in the mountains of Austria. They put you up in an apartment, give you a lift ticket and organise a bunch of gigs with amazing djs to get your dance on at. And let me tell you, I got my dance on. I LOVE dancing! I'm not an amazing dancer by any means, I have zero co-ordination and my fist pumps don't quite match the beat but fuck it. I like shaking my tail feather, moving my body zealously from side to side and throwing my arms up in the air. I look like an idiot, but an idiot who has the biggest grin on her face - getting down to some sweet tunes is ridiculously fun.

And oh man, was I ever treated to some amazing sets - Fat Boy Slim at an amazing street party (in the rain, with lazers. I partied in a dinosaur costume and it was ridiculous), Dizzie Rascal + Labrinth in a forrest (Dizzie had fireworks, yo! The set was amazing, he played Bonkers twice in the finale cause he didn't want his set to end!), Example (rocked out to from the heights of some boys shoulders till security decided that it wasn't safe enough. After that I rocked out barrier side, and oh Example - I hear he's a bit of a bastard, but music wise he might be rival Frank for my London guy spot!), and of course the brilliant DJ Yoda. DJ Yoda actually blew my mind - I tried to find a clip of his amazing you-tube awesomeness that he played but apparently you need to see him in person. I was barrier side for SubFocus, and high fived their MC. I saw Norman Jay 1600 feet above sea level, in the Austrian Alps! I rocked out to MistaJam in an igloo. AN IGLOO! It. Was. Amazing.

And oh, oh oh oh the snow! It dumped down on our first day, and the third day, and everyday bar the last we were riding some form of fresh, amazing powder. We were out finding fresh tracks, riding off piste, sometimes it was bluebird, sometimes the skies opened up to give us more pow. And it was AMAZING! Best European snow I've been on yet.

Add in the costumes (I was an indian, the white rabit, a fox and a dinosaur), the fun times that comes with convincing ten of your mates that yes, they did want to come party with you in Austria, and you get a brilliantly good time. It. Was. Amazing. One of the more fun festivals I've ever been to.

I had a great time, a phenomenal time. I was with an amazing group of people who made things like dressing up and rocking out and drinking copious amounts of jager status quo. There was always someone keen to party with, always someone keen to go see this gig with, or ride with. They were a good crew (and there was only a tinsy bit of heckling that time when I didn't get back till the sun was well up and I couldn't get myself into the apartment...) and I was seriously glad we all went.

And, just because my drunken point-and-click photos really don't show you how amazing it was, here are two photos stolen from the Snowbombing Feed (taken by the brilliant Dany North).

Fat Boy Slim at the Fat Boy Slim Street Party

Dizzie Rascal in the Eristoff Forest. See the guy in the indian headdress in the foreground? That's our crew. At this point I'm pretty sure I'm dancing in a dinosaur costume up the front somewhere.

It really was as amazing as it looks.

Note: Snowbombing happens every year about April - you can book a few months before hand on their site. Costs vary depending on what your doing. Just the basics with no extra's you're looking at something like £500 (includes festival ticket + accommodation). For a week that includes the fest ticket, accommodation, both parties, lift tickets, gear for the week and lessons, and you're looking at the £1000 mark). Doesn't include flights or food (or all the fancy alcohol you'll be drinking. No worries, because Jager is especially cheap in Austria...)