The Garden Party

It was late, some ridiculous oclock in the morning, and I was drunk. Happily drunk. My cousin had had a garden party, and it was lovely. There were fires in handcut gas canisters and fairy lights in the trees, and candles all over the place. The stars were out, and the grass was dry + pleasant. I'd spent the evening trying to make conversation with all his English friends, and the more I did the more I realised how very hard work it was. Trying to bridge their walls, and befriend them and all their giant overwhelming history... Instead I mostly tried to convince people they should join me in a cup of something alcoholic, and when they declined I'd go off into the dark by myself to refill my cup and then I'd join another group huddled around a different fire.

Which is why, when the night wound down I was surprised that I had to be someone else's moral compass, and that annoys me a little. Should I be taking on someone else's responsibilities, because they seem incapable of doing so by themselves? Correct answer is no. But I wanted to make the effort for my cousin, delight in his shiny new place, have a few drinks, light a few things on fire and generally have an okay time. I would have been content with the drunken handstands on the lawn. Instead the night refused to end there and I spent too many hours in the early morning talking about some very english boys battle axe of a girlfriend. Siiiiigh!

Still, other than the moral compass bit (I am an absolute fucking angel, by the way) it was good night. I got to ride in Z4 with the top down. There was tequila, and jager, and looking at the stars, and pouring bio-diesel on open flames to cause flame columns. There was feeding the dogs lasagna, and talks about sailing in September. I met some lovely english people who might let me come visit their ships at some point. My cousins new place is extremely shiny, and even though I made a fuss about going, I was glad I was there.

Note: Both images of the night stolen from the brilliant Ben Sanchez's facebook photo feed. Because all the ones Drunk Elly took are blurry and not anywhere near as pretty.