It was a little pub in South West England. A tiny pub, one of those ones with no bar. Instead there's a room with one wall is covered in handles. You hand someone a glass, and they refill it with the beverage of your choice. Its the kind of pub that you walk through a farmers field to get to, and everyone is wearing plaid shirts + puffer vests. A nice little country pub. The best part about this little country pub? It has a skittle alley out the back. This long, cold concrete room, with broken window panes + an old green strip of carpet down the middle. It's got these old yellow lights, and has sorts of random things in there; broken chairs, and old rusted trophy's. And it's got skittles.

When you're boozed, skittles is great fun. Making up the rules, drinking wine, dancing. The skittles are made of wood, and are quite heavy. The balls are even heavier. It's basically a more fun version of bowling. And oh, did we have fun. I don't quite remember how much wine we had, or how we made it home (through a few fields, I'm sure), but I do remember that I won. I do remember that I had a great time, and there was lots of laughing, and bragging, and ridiculousness.

Sometimes I think that the most interesting things about places are those things you can't see, and wouldn't expect. Having a skittle alley definitely makes this tiny little pub one of my favourites. You'd never know it was there, apparently not that many people play it. It's a fun little quirk.

What fun quirky things are you guys rocking at the moment?