London, here and now

This morning started with nosebleeds. Epic ones, complete with gushing blood all over my clean and super white sheets. It was bizarre, and cause for panic, but NHS told me to pinch my nose and wait for the blood to clot, and basically wait it out. So, while I was waiting for the blood to stop pouring out my nose (such a bizarre feeling, btw) Wiki told me that 'a significant number of nosebleeds occur with no obvious cause', and it felt like something that I wanted to make note of. I wanted to tell someone that my nose was bleeding, and that it was gross, and I had no idea why my body was doing this. Then I realised that's what's a blog is for, really. So hey. My nose is bleeding, and it wigs me out. So let's catch up. London is pretty amazing right now (nose bleeds aside), the weather has lost it's edge, and on Saturday we hit up The Camden Lock Market because the sun came out. It was delicious, but also frustrating. There was SO much food I wanted to try, and all of it super cheap. The problem with having a million choices though, is that you hop from one foot to the other at a loss a to which way to turn first. And they offer you free samples, which is ridiculous. I could have filled up on samples.

After eating as much as I could (Spinach Turkish Wraps, Cornbread stuffed with Chicken, Cheese + Avocado, Sushi made right in front of you by the Sushi man, Jamican Ginger Beer + Guinness Chocolate Cake) we sat by the canal and enjoyed the rare English sun with some cider. It was a pretty pleasant way to spend the afternoon, actually. Watching canal boats move up and down the canal, watching the locks fill and empty, and watching the weird collection of people that congregate to grassy areas when London has sun.

When the sun we down, we drank margaritas (oh tequila) with indian headdresses on in preperation for The Queen of Hoxton's WigWamBam. I have to say, I took myself home before I could get on the roof and into the giant Teepee, but I heard that there was good times all around. Usually I would have been all up there dancing like a dancing thing, but bars in teepees sell only expensive drinks, and I'm rocking this extreme budgeting exercise at the moment.

In a week + a half I'll be snowboarding in Italy. Three weeks after that, there's a festival in the mountains of Austria. There might be a trip back to Egypt in May, a weekend in Norfolk, another in Cambridge, a road trip up Scotland ways, and possibly, if I'm very lucky? A trip to Africa at the end of the year.

My attitude at the moment is to say "yes" to everything. Yes to a weekend out of London, yes to a place I've never been, to something I've never done, to an adventure I want to be part of. Yes to everything. But saying yes is expensive. So, I'm rocking this extreme budgeting exercise. I'm not a fan of feeling poor, of saying no to burritos at lunch, or passing up a night out. Or having to consider what I'm buying before I do. But these adventures? They will be worth the monetary pain. Or so I hope. The idea of a massive European adventure keeps me going. Eyes on the prize, right?

Do any of you have any exciting adventures planned?