The List: Number 7 - Roast a Chicken

I roasted my chicken on New Years eve. I told my flatmate Duke that when we moved in that roasting a chicken was on The List and that I was going to do it! This year! Yeah! That was in March. Cut to New Years Eve and I still hadn't roasted a chicken. Fail. So, on the last day of 2011 I went to the supermarket, got a bunch of things that Jamie Oliver told me I'd need and got to work. It was mostly the easiest meal I've ever made.

Things I wasn't so down with: * Rubbing down the chicken. I think it was uncomfortable for both of us. * Stuffing the cavity with herbs, and then discovering that the cavity was too small for the lemon I was meant to get in there. Awkward. * I went on a limb and added onion + celery to the trivet. I should have known better (not a fan of either). * Trying to figure out how to carve it. Thank goodness for you tube. * Trying to figure out how to make gravy, and not having it thicken. The internet not so helpful here. * The waiting. The waaaaaaaaaiting!

Things that were awesome: * I didn't give anyone food poisoning, yay! * Putting something in oven + just leaving it is a pretty easy way to cook! * The eating. The glorious glorious eating that came after, and lasted a good four days (I may have over estimated how much food two people can eat). * Taking a mini container down to the fireworks for Duke. It made for good snacking!

So yes. Number 7. Roast a Chicken. Done!